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Clarins SOS

undercover help case you need an undercover helper!

That most important does one thing: really helping! This CLARINS primer does it and i was more than surprised that it does a lot more for me than the product information described. First the range of 8 different problem solver provides up to 24 h of moisture, check!

Different colours like green, rosé, peach to reduce redness, dullness, give a healthy skin tone etc. check!

It primes, the make up goes on much faster and smoother and best thing  i need less than without. The High Lumitech Complex is a combination of pearls and soft focus powders that boost in my case the radiance and blurs imperfections, check! Ah i love how it glides on - the make up stays longer and what i was really happy about: my skin stays longer matte even this product doesn't claims itself mattifying - voilá problem solved :) 

Cause pearls are a girls best friend!


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