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Dior Eyecare

Cooling. Hydrating. Hydralife

I was searching for a new eye cream a while ago, something soft, not to creamy as my skin (even around the eyes) is tending to be oily over the day and heavy, thick creams are spreading into the eyes, making me feel uncomfortable. I decided to give Dior a try as the back of the packaging promised some nice ingredients like

Cornflower Water: Revitalizes the appearance of eyelids and reduces the appearance of puffiness.

Micronized Powders: Illuminate and help diminish the look of dark circles.

Abyssinica Oil: Nourishes, coats, and strengthens lashes and eyebrows.

Haberlea: Supports the skin's natural defenses.

Mallow: Supports natural circulation of water in the skin for improved hydration.

It has a ceramic applicator that gives a soothing, cooling feeling, instead of my fingertips i'm using it and it has a nice side effect, even the formula is cooling after the application too, this eye gel moisturizes the skin so the eye areas appear illuminated, fresh, and moisturized, with diminished visible signs of fatigue like dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles.

After 1 Month of daily use i'm satisfied and hope these effects will last longer.

Did you already tried it? What are your favourite eye creams?

Price: 55 € for 15 ml

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