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Krigler Perfumes, an olfactory time travel

Stepping back in time with scents is something we all do once in a while, don't we?

The smell of fresh rain on summer warm tiles in the garden, the perfume of our first boy- or girlfriend, a certain smell that came to our nose when we traveled through the holidays in golden Tuscany...

We associate certain events, memories, things, and moments with certain scents, they immediately transport us back to this special moment - what a priceless moment!

We often experience how deeply we are connected to smells, fragrances, and perfumes when this invisible essence of a deeply connected experience creates emotions involuntarily, almost out of nowhere.

Let's go back a few decades - 1879

Albert Krigler, a 19-year-old chemistry student, would like to give his beloved girlfriend Charlotte, the daughter of one of the French perfumers (and a colleague at the same time) an engagement gift, but is - let's call it "relatively penniless" - it is not enough for an appropriate engagement ring, but the young man from Berlin is intuitively connected to scents, there is a passion, a talent slumbering in him: an extraordinarily fine and talented nose. They became engaged and Albert passionately created the most beautiful fragrance inspired by love to celebrate their engagement.

It is a special gift full of his emotional expression and it is his first perfume, "Pleasure Gardenia 79", which I will describe in detail later.

An exciting story that will change the world of fragrances is taking its course - famous actors of the old Hollywood era, writers, painters, kings, princesses, and presidents find their signature and favorite fragrances at Krigler Parfums - and carry them out into the world:

For example, Marlene Dietrich wore in the 30s a Krigler perfume called "Lieber Gustav", as well as F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Audrey Hepburn loved "English Promenade 19" which she wore while filming "Roman Holiday" with Gregory Peck - btw Gregory Peck said to her "you smell so good I would like to take a bite......" and yes - it is an outstanding Audrey-worth perfume I have to say!

"Pleasure Gardenia" inspired later a well-known Coco Chanel for her famous No. 5 (she also wore Pleasure Gardenia by herself). Thierry Mugler's Angel is based on "Lovely Patchouli 55".

John F Kennedy`s signature scent was "America One 31", Ernest Hemingway liked to wear it too. "Lovely Patchouli 55" was Jackie Kennedy's favorite perfume, actress Grace Kelly wore the scent "Chateau Krigler 12" when she was awarded the Oscar for best actress in 1955, she is said to have described the scent as her lucky charm.

I could go on for hours and revel in the exciting stories I was allowed to hear when I discovered Krigler. I noticed a beautifully designed shelf with charming bottles of elegant perfumes in the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten in Hamburg. I had never heard the name Krigler before, although I know an infinite number of niche fragrances. But Krigler is not a niche - it's like the Queen or perfumes as we know them these days! My curiosity was aroused. The story behind the Krigler creations read like a novel full of illustrious connoisseurs and their relationship to each fragrance.

Feline, the lady, who was extremely knowledgeable about all the details of the perfumes, took me into a fantastic world of fragrances and introduced me to one jewel after the other, explained to me the special features of the ingredients, how the respective perfume was created, who wore it and many more insider stories

I got stuck with one perfume in particular, it couldn't get out of my nose, couldn't get it out of my head: "Pleasure Gardenia" had this indescribable effect on me, which certainly also enchanted Coco Chanel. You can smell that immediately when you have a bottle of Chanel No.5! But Pleasure Gardenia is still the more interesting one imo. Sorry Coco ;)

"A tantalizing base of jasmine, vanilla, and mimosa rises to meet the enticing heart of subtle sexuality offered by Gardenia petals and musk. An olfactive ode to the Japanese Gardenia from Kyoto...explosively feminine fragrance...incredibly elegant."

It is a fragrance that will be remembered, that in its specialness and timeless elegance becomes a serious carrier of its character, that has and shows understatement and uniqueness - crystal clear and yet multi-faceted, echoes of bygone times yet modern.

Each fragrance creation is noble, unique, profound, and smart - an intelligent symbiosis of the finest and rare ingredients such as e.g. Orris, derived from the root of the iris - one of the most expensive ingredients on the market.

The pure, elegant bottles and no-frills design of the label underline the sophistication, and the numbering on the bottles indicates the respective year of creation, so Pleasure Gardenia was created in 1879, do I have to mention that I just at this moment got goosebumps again?

I still live in the experienced, the elitist society that Krigler let me immerse myself in and to top it off I was allowed to take my favorite perfume home with me - hello you fantastic world of fragrances out there, Pleasure Gardenia envelops me, carries me dreaming and inspired by your streets and lets me wallow in your sea of dreams, passions, and secrets.

Back to the present.

In 2005, Albert’s great-grandson Ben, the fifth generation, took over the family business. A hundred years after the company opened the boudoir in Berlin, the university-graduated architect becomes the master builder of the new Krigler and reopens the boutique in The Plaza, New York. His plan: preserve values! Cultivate! Heritage! Subtle, however, he went new ways without compromise. Always staying playful.

One thing in German:

Dankeschön Albert und Ben - für wahre Nasenkunst und Storytelling!

Thank you Albert and Ben - for true nose art and storytelling!


Where you can find Krigler perfumes:

and selected luxury hotels like

Vier Jahreszeiten Hamburg

Adlon Kempinski Berlin

Palais Hansen Kempinski in Wien

Price range:

starting at 440 Euro 50ml, 590 Euro 100ml


Perfume, scented candles, soaps

A special thank you to Valentina - VSC PR

And Feline :)

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