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olive treatment

cause beauty can be green, powerful and good for the environment...

since last year I'm using each day OLIVEDA products, like their face cream, eye cream and serum and normally i'm not that type of user who buys from one brand again and again cause often i'm not satisfied with the quality, the effects on the skin or I simply don't react on it in a positive way. A while ago discovered this brand whilst running through Müller (a drugstore in Germany) and the packaging immediately had my attention (did I mentioned before how I love packaging design? ;)) so I grabbed my first serum and the satisfaction goes on and on.

I loved the story behind the brand, using cell juice of olives, honey, hyaluron and other working ingredients,  no silicones, no preservatives.

Glassbottles to minimize plastic trash, eco certificate, caring for others (OLIVEDA for Africa) finest cosmetics, teas and of course delicious  olive oil just to mention some more that makes this brand sympathetic.

When OLIVEDA asked me last year to work with them I was flashed and answered, how much I like their brand and are honored to be an ambassador - and had the chance to try the creams with pleasure.

A few weeks ago I got a lovely mail again from the team that wrote about an upcoming project and  today i have the chance to give my satisfaction to you cause you can now order with a 35% discount on the whole web shop assortment and shop my favorites by using the code AVAFAV35 (copy and paste). 

If you need help by finding the right product for your skin needs you have on top the opportunity to get help and your unique skin care plan from the Customized Beauty Service, where experts give you advice and best of all that's for free (instead of regular 59€) - how to attend?

From 12.10.-20.10 visit  and follow the instructions.

It's so easy to get healthy and glowing skin!

Excited to know if you have any experience and what your favorite product is - just leave a comment.

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